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JobsNL Wage Subsidy Program


The JobsNL Wage Subsidy Program is designed to bring employers and employees together by providing funding to employers to create employment opportunities. The program supports employer/employee connections that promote sustainable long-term employment or seasonal employment

Unemployed EI-Eligible individuals or unemployed/under-employed Non EI-Eligible individuals are eligible under the program. JobsNL is not exclusive to but will give priority to the hiring of an individual who is an income support client, a person with a disability or recent post-secondary graduate. Priority for funding may be given to occupations and sectors identified by the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour. Eligible employers include both private sector and non-profit employers.

JobsNL provides a 50% subsidy to a maximum of $8/hour towards the hourly wage, in combination with a flexible duration of 10 - 26 weeks; maximum funding per position is $7,280 for the combined subsidy and duration of employment under the program.

Program Fact Sheet

The Program Fact Sheet outlines the program in more detail for interested employers and employees. Press here for a direct link to the Fact Sheet (276 KB).

Who can Apply?

Private and Not-for-Profit Employers. Eligible employers must:

  • Have a Canada Revenue Agency business number;
  • If incorporated, be in good standing with the registry of Companies and Deeds Online (CADO); and
  • Have an office location/base in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Terms and Conditions

Employers are required to adhere to the all relevant Terms and Conditions of the JobsNL program

How Do I Apply?

Employers must complete and submit an Online Application in LaMPSS and attach a Job/Position Description Form with the application.

On-line Application: Employers must register in the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour' LaMPSS payment system to apply on-line. Once registration is complete, a password and user ID will be provided. To register, please press Register on LaMPSS system.

Program Guidelines (471 KB) have been developed in order to assist employers applying on-line.

Once registered on the LaMPSS system, employers may apply directly on-line and/or update information using its self-serve function and the provided user password and ID. To apply on-line using the self-serve component of LaMPSS, please link to the following website which contains LaMPSS User Guidelines, System Requirements and the Login LaMPSS Employer Self-Serve.

Further Information: For further information or to obtain paper copies of the application, program activity or financial report forms in the event that on-line application through LaMPSS is not possible, please contact the department using the following information.

Advanced Education, Skills and Labour Office Locations

General enquiries: 1-800-563-6600

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